The Nonprofit Optimist Podcast was inspired by three main ideas, which have now become the three goals for each podcast episode.

1. After starting my own nonprofit ten years ago, I wanted to share information about how to create, run and grow a small nonprofit. My husband has been encouraging me to write a book for a while now, but when the idea for this podcast really took root, I could tell this was absolutely the place for me to start. Maybe someday there will be a book in my future, but for now, I am completely content talking with others in the nonprofit world and swapping stories. 

2. I was tired of the news' constant focus on the negative stories and wanted to increase the awareness of good in the world. It's not that I don't believe the validity of those negative stories, it's just that I am frustrated with the imbalance. I constantly hear stories from friends and acquaintances of amazing good that is happening in our world and yet those stories are never highlighted.

3.  In addition to the stories of good, I thought it might be helpful to create a platform for nonprofits to share what they do and how others can get involved. Small nonprofits rarely have access to large marketing budgets, so this is my small way of providing a space for them to share their mission with a larger audience.

GOALS of the podcast

1. Encourage the development of small organizations by sharing lessons learned.

2. Increase the awareness of good that is occurring in the world. 

3. Provide a platform to showcase awesome nonprofits.


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