NPO 015: Molly MacCready (CROSO)

Today's Guest: Molly MacCready
Molly MacCready is the founder and executive director of CROSO (Child Restoration Outreach Support Organization). Molly had the idea to start a nonprofit organization after a powerful study abroad experience in Uganda through the School for International Training. With amazing support from her surrounding community and her family, CROSO was founded in 2007.
Molly received her bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Dayton, while minoring in Africana Studies. After graduation, she served as a Marianist Volunteer in Karonga, Malawi for two years. There she co-facilitated a micro-credit lending program alongside an amazing Malawian woman and she also taught Life Skills classes at a technical school. Returning back to the States, Molly pursued and achieved her master's degree in Public Health. Prior to working full-time for CROSO, she has worked as a health educator, quality improvement associate, partner program coordinator and development assistant. Her various job titles and responsibilities helped Molly gain insights and skills in several different areas for which she is very grateful now that she is working as the sole employee for CROSO.

Nonprofit Spotlight: CROSO (Child Restoration Outreach Support Organization)
CROSO provides post-secondary scholarships to former street children in Uganda and is dedicated to ensuring a brighter future for Ugandan street children through higher education.

Lessons Learned:

  • The importance of having written board expectations that each board member agrees to so that you can return back to this document when holding people accountable. Here is a copy of CROSO's Board Expectations.
    • Attendance at board meetings
    • Serve as an ambassador for CROSO
    • Give/Get: Fill one table at the annual benefit
    • Participate on at least one committee
  • CROSO has found that having functioning committees has helped in delegating tasks among board members as well as providing meaningful opportunities for board (and volunteer) involvement. CROSO has five standing committees-
    • Scholar Support Committee
      • Application review committee
    • Annual Benefit Committee
    • Finance Committee
    • Development Committee
    • Marketing Committee
  • Transitioning board members off the board can be tricky and Molly provides insights into what has worked for them with CROSO.

Story of Good: Volunteers become Advocates
While not explicitly acknowledged as a story of good, Molly shared the inspiring process of watching the scholarship application reviewers participate in their final discussions. The volunteers have truly invested in these candidate applications to the point that specific volunteers were fighting for certain students to be chosen. The process helps remind her about the heart of CROSO's work and serves as an important reminder to keep growing the organization.

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