NPO 026: Mentors, Managing Time and Networking (Megan Stith, United Way of Central Kentucky)

Today's Guest: Megan Stith (email:
Megan Stith has had the privilege of serving as United Way of Central Kentucky’s President & CEO since 2014.  Prior to joining the United Way team in 2011, she worked with families at the Meade County Public Library where she became passionate about community-based problem solving. Megan has completed numerous county, state, and national leadership programs and holds degrees from Michigan State and San Jose State Universities. She is a Certified Professional Coach and enjoys helping women and young professionals become leaders of influence and impact. Megan resides in Payneville with her husband and two sons on their third generation family farm.

Nonprofit Spotlight: United Way of Central Kentucky
The mission of United Way of Central Kentucky is to connect their community for the common good. Their vision is that each individual in their community is self sufficient in the areas of Education, Financial Stability, and Health.

Lessons Learned:
In our conversation, Megan shared about mentors, managing time and building strong partnerships with businesses through networking. Here's a little more on each of those:

1.  Mentors are valuable: Finding people who will challenge you to become better, stretch yourself, grow in new ways and continue seeking new opportunities is key to moving forward in your career. In Megan's case, finding a mentor who had different strengths was also a great way to grow in those skills as she was able to see those skills in action. 

2. Managing Time: Set boundaries and priorities and maximize your time by managing it well. Megan suggesting two different scheduling apps - 10to8 and YouCanBook.Me. Using these scheduling tools, you'll save time that has been wasted on back-and-forth emails and you can set aside time for yourself to prioritize tasks that are important or routines that you want to maintain.

3. Building Strong Partnerships with Businesses: When meeting for the first time with a business, try to learn about some of the challenges they're facing and see if you can provide any help in addressing it. Megan shared that by showing yourself as an asset to these corporations, it'll be easier down the line to ask for their support.  

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